24v Lifepo4 Battery Pack 100Ah-1600Ah

Model: 24v lifepo4 battery pack

Standard: National Standard

Rated voltage (V): 24v

Rated capacity (Ah):100Ah-1600Ah

Battery size (mm): 483*500*175*(1-16)

Reference Weight (kg): 30kg-480kg

Packing Number (pcs): per pc per wooden box

OEM Service: supported




Model GBP24V-100AH GBP24V-1500AH
Nominal volt(V) 24
Nominal capacity(AH) 100(2.5KWH) 1500(37.5KWH)
Working volt range (V) 22.8-30
Recommend charging volt(V) 28
Recommend discharging cutoff volt(V) 23.2
Standard charging current(A) 25 375
Max. Constant charging current(A) 50 750
Standard discharging current(A) 25 375
Max. Discharging current(A) 50 750
Temperature(℃) -30℃~60℃(Recommend 10℃~35℃)
Allowable humidity range 0~85% RH
Storage temperature(℃) -20℃~65℃(Recommend 10℃~35℃)
Protection IP20
Cooling method Natural air cooling
Maximum Dimension(W*D*H) mm 483*500*175
Remark 0.5C Discharge Max: 1C, 80% DOD
Parallel function 24v support at most support 20 packs in paralle use(Capacity is 100kwh)
Net Weight 30KG 480KG
Battery Cell A Grade Prismatic Cell
Protection Built-in Smart BMS



Solar and wind energy storage system, backup power system, UPS system, Home storage, etc.


General Features

  • 1. 80% Depth Of Dischage
  • 2. Long Cycle Time more than 6000 times
  • 3. Up to 16 pcs in parallel
  • 4. The charging ratio: 0.2C – 1C, 0.2C(Standard),1C(Max, 25℃)
  • 5. The discharge rate: 0.2C – 1C, 0.2C(Standard),1C(Max, 25℃)
  • 6. Battery Type: Lifepo4 / lithium battery
  • 7. Warranty : 5 years

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