Know More Difference Between 5 Panel Cap and 6 Panel Cap

Have you heard of a 6 panel cap but didn’t know what it is? Well, you’re in the right place!

A 6 panel cap is a type of hat. It’s made of six separate sections sewn together to create its unique shape.

These caps are popular in streetwear fashion. They are known for being comfortable and versatile.

If you want to add a trendy accessory to your wardrobe, a 6 panel cap might be perfect for you.

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The main difference between a 5-panel cap and a 6-panel cap


A 5-panel cap has five fabric panels, while a 6-panel cap consists of six panels.

The number of panels determines the design, look, and fit of baseball caps.


A 5-panel cap has five panels, creating a simple and sleek look.

A 6-panel cap, on the other hand, has six panels, giving it a classic style.

The front panel of a 5-panel cap is seamless and larger, making it great for logos.

While a 6-panel cap has two front panels stitched together for a more structured fit.

Fit and Comfort

–5-Panel Hat:–

Offers a streamlined and minimalist design.

Smaller crown size makes it lightweight and breathable.

Ideal for casual or sports settings.

–6-Panel Hat:–

Features a higher crown and structured fit.

Suitable for formal occasions or team apparel.

Provides a classic appearance and brand representation.

Style and Occasions

5-panel caps are best for casual and streetwear styles because of their simple design.

On the other hand, 6-panel caps are more suited for formal or preppy occasions and are commonly seen in sports team apparel. They have a higher crown and structured fit, making them ideal for occasions where brand representation or logo placement is important.

Decoration Possibilities

When it comes to decoration possibilities, both 5-panel and 6-panel hats offer unique opportunities for customization.

The number of panels determines the design aesthetic of baseball caps.

For 5-panel hats, the larger front panel provides a minimalist canvas for logos, allowing for streamlined brand representation.

On the other hand, 6-panel hats with two front panels offer a classic look, accommodating intricate designs and logo placements.

Customization options like embroidery, screen printing, or heat transfer can enhance personal style preferences for sports team apparel or casual streetwear.

The angle of the front panels, the shape of the brim, and the closures of the caps all contribute to creating unique and eye-catching designs that reflect the wearer’s personality.

What is a 5 Panel Cap

A 5-panel cap has 5 fabric panels – 2 back panels, 1 on each side, and a single front panel. This design is more streamlined and minimalist.

Front Panel:

The front panel of a cap is made of fabric panels stitched together to form the crown of the hat.

A 5-panel cap has a large front panel without visible seams, great for logos and customization.

Side Panel:

A 6-panel hat has 6 panels, creating a higher crown and a traditional look.

5-panel hat:

  • Composed of 5 panels
  • Front panel is larger without a seam, great for logos
  • Curved brim for a casual look
  • Front Panel Construction
  • The front panel construction of a 5-panel hat has a large front panel with no seams. This makes it great for adding logos and custom designs.
  • It offers a simple and clean look that suits casual or streetwear styles.


  • A baseball cap’s construction depends on the number of panels it has.
  • A 5-panel cap has five panels, giving it a streamlined and minimalist look.
  • In a 5-panel baseball cap, the brim is curved and pre-shaped by the producer.


A 5-panel cap has five fabric panels.

The design, structure, and overall look of baseball caps are determined by these panels.

In a 5-panel hat, the front panel is larger and stitch-free, great for logos and customization.


The closure of a cap is important for its fit and comfort. For example, five panel baseball caps usually have metal buckle closures for easy adjustability.

These closure options impact the cap’s design, construction, and overall look, contributing to its aesthetic and branding.

What is a 6 Panel Cap

6-panel caps have 2 front panels with a visible seam, giving them a traditional feel.

Front Panel

A 6-panel cap has 6 panels.

A 6-panel cap has 2 front panels stitched together with a visible seam.

5-panel caps are often preferred for casual and streetwear styles or for better breathability. In contrast, 6-panel caps are commonly chosen for a formal or preppy look, team apparel, or structured fit.

The construction of the back panel, combined with other panels, results in a higher crown on a 6-panel hat.

This gives it a more traditional and classic appearance compared to a 5-panel hat.


6-panel caps are classic and work well for formal styles, while 5-panel caps have a minimalist and streetwear look.

5-panel caps are known for being lightweight and breathable, making them ideal for everyday wear.


Closure in baseball caps is an important part of their design. It affects how well the cap fits and how comfortable it is to wear.

The 6-panel caps use plastic closures that fit into small holes. This closure style provides a more structured fit for the cap.

The closure type not only impacts fit and comfort but also affects how the cap looks and represents the brand. Whether someone likes a simple look with metal buckles or a structured appearance with plastic closures, the closure choice reflects personal style and brand representation.

These differences in closures offer various customization options for baseball caps, meeting different style preferences and occasions.

I should buy 6 Panel or 5 Panel Caps?

We choose them according to our own preferences and occasions.

Although there are some differences in the design of 5 panel cap and 6 panel cap, overall speaking, they are not very different.

Where can I buy 5 Panel Caps and 6 Panel Caps in bulk

Businesses looking to buy 5 Panel Caps and 6 Panel Caps in bulk can easily find reliable suppliers specializing in baseball caps.

These suppliers offer various customization options like logo placements and design variations to match specific branding needs.

When purchasing in bulk, suppliers may have specific requirements such as minimum order quantities for cost-effectiveness and efficient production.

It’s important to inquire about customization options, lead times, and specific needs when dealing with different suppliers.

How to choose 5 panel cap and 6 panel cap manufacturer

Quality and Durability: Research the manufacturer’s reputation for quality. Look for reviews or ask for samples to assess the materials and craftsmanship.

Minimum Order Quantities and Pricing: Consider the manufacturer’s minimum order quantities and pricing structure. Some may offer competitive rates for bulk orders.

Lead Times and Shipping: Confirm lead times and shipping policies. A manufacturer that can reliably meet your timeline is crucial, especially for time-sensitive projects.

Choosing the right manufacturer requires balancing these factors based on your specific needs and preferences.

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